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Hygiene facial

provides cleansing, toning, exfoliating and hydrating the skin. Exctractions are performed if necessary, followed by high frequency that heals, disinfects and tones the skin.

Advanced facial

provides a deep cleansing exfoliating and rejuvenating facial. Galvanic machine will be used in order to further cleanse skin and force in the active ingredients to a deeper layer of skin.

Chemical peel

improves the texture of the skin, increases the CRT hydration. Peels also reduce fine lines, wrinkles and surface pigmentation. Because of its ability to enhance new healthy cell growth.

Foot massage

energizing foot massage based on plantar reflexology to re-discover legs to feet.

Facial massage

aims to help your body function at its optimal level. Focusing on relefx points of the face which helps to stimulate the body's healing mechanism and help to improve circulation.

Chair massage

acupressure techniques that stimulate tense spots and bring you to a supreme state of relaxation.

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Services for all Pricing Services for all Pricing
Underarm $40.00 Sternum $30.00
Back-Lower $80.00 Back-Upper $100.00
Back-Full $140.00 Shoulders $60.00
Hands & Fingers $40.00 Arms-Lower $60.00
Arms-Full $100.00 Legs-Lower $70.00
Legs-Upper $80.00 Legs-Full $130.00
Knees $40.00 Feet & Toes $30.00
Upperlip $20.00 Chin $20.00
Baby Hairs $30.00 Abdomen $75.00
(NO inner area)
$100.00 Full Body $250.00
Eyebrows $20.00
Services for Men Pricing Services for Men Pricing
Chin $20.00 Sideburns $25.00
Full Face $65.00 Half Face+Chin $50.00
Face Beard Line $40.00 Beard Line+Neck $65.00
Neck Front & Back $40.00 Neck Front OR Back $25.00
Back-Lower $80.00 Back-Upper $100.00
Back-Full $140.00 Chest $70.00
Manzillian $80.00
Services for Women Pricing Services for Women Pricing
(Basic: approx 3inch)
$40.00 Bikini
Brazilian $90.00 Linea $40.00
Areola $30.00
Body Treatments Pricing Body Treatments Pricing
Therapeutic Massage $70.00 Reflexology $70.00
Facials Pricing Facials Pricing
Hygiene Facial $60.00/hr Advanced Facial $70.00/hr
Chemical Peel $70.00/hr Microdermabrasion $85.00/hr
Package 5 Facials $275.00
Hand & Foot Treatments Pricing Hand & Foot Treatments Pricing
Hand Reflexology $50.00/hr Foot Reflexology $70.00/hr
Seniors Pricing
Senior's Pedicure
Foot soak, callous removal, nails shaped and filled, followed by relaxing massage
Beauty Express - 15 Mins Pricing Beauty Express - 15 Mins Pricing
Hand & Arm Massage $20.00/hr Shoulder & Neck Massage $20.00/hr
Scalp Massage $20.00/hr Foot Massage $20.00/hr
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