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Janice Gordon


Janice is the director of FreshSpring Spa. Freshspring Spa is a new destination offering customers the combination of massages; body treatments, facials and anti-aging treatments. We cater to both men and women and offer the latest in skin care products and therapies.

Janice was drawn to the ancient practice of Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage for its multi-dimensional approach to healing body and mind. In 2009 Janice pursued the Reflexology course. Janice has continued to deepen her knowledge and strengthen her skills over the years with additional certifications. In 2014, Janice further went on to pursue Medical Esthetics. Janice is a Medical Esthetician and a Certified Reflexologist.

Janice has a powerful and unique combination of therapeutic modalities at her fingertips. After a session with Janice, many clients describe feeling more flexible, pain free and at total peace.

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